Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control

Central Lakes Fertilizing can keep your lawn healthy and looking great with seasonal fertilizer and weed control applications. Our Spring, summer, and fall fertilizing and weed control program will keep your lawn on the right track.

fertilizing lawns nisswa mn

Fertilizing in the Brainerd Lakes Area

Spring, Summer, and Fall Lawn Fertilization.

Fertilizing Services for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Getting a green lawn for your home or business isn’t easy. Watering it alone will not do the trick. No other service is likely to have as significant an impact on the health of your grass as adequately fertilizing your lawn. It can be challenging to get lawn fertilization right on your own. Depending on your lawn’s grass type, soil quality, and growing conditions, your lawn will have a unique set of fertilization needs. Our lawn fertilization services will give your lawn all the nutrients it needs throughout the year.

Weed Control

Dandelions, Crabgrass, barnyardgrass, thistle, and more.

One of the most straightforward problems to identify on your lawn is weeds that start coming up. The most common is the dandelion. A weed control plan is critical. Weeds damage your yard by competing with healthy grass for moisture, nutrients, and light. Therefore, eliminating weeds means helping your lawn grow.

Our knowledge and identification of weed species help us customize the right products for your property as the season evolves.

fertilizing lawns nisswa mn
fertilizing lawns nisswa mn

Grub Control

Brown Patch, Rust, Leaf Spot, and Fairy Ring.

Weeds aren’t the only thing that can impact your lawn. Even with them out of the way, your yard can still be hit with lawn disease. If your lawn is suffering from one or more diseases, it’s essential to fix it immediately with treatment and lawn fungus control. Waiting will only make the problem worse.

Grubs can be identified by their C-shaped white bodies. Most people don’t know their lawn is infested until patches of turf start to die in August. Animals and birds feed on the grubs, leaving holes in the yard. Preventative products are most effective and kill the grubs as they hatch.

It is essential to realize that healthy turf can support a grub population, especially if there is plenty of rain in the spring and fall.

Lime Treatment

Low Soil pH.

When the soil becomes too acidic or alkaline, some nutrients your grass uses become unavailable. Lime restores balance in overly acidic soil to restore pH to optimal growing levels. Having the appropriate pH also helps increase the effectiveness of fertilizer by making it more readily available to the grass, and the proper pH also reduces the possibility of lawn fungus problems.

Lime applications are a great way to help the soil chemistry. Northern Minnesota soils can be very acidic from the pine trees. In addition, after years of applied fertilizer, lime can help to keep the lawn healthy. Lime has been a farmer’s old remedy to help grow, and it is still valid today.

The use of lime in lawn service has long been an excellent source to continue towards lawn care excellence.

fertilizing lawns nisswa mn

Service Area

Central Lakes Fertilizing and Weed Control serves all Brainerd Lakes and surrounding areas. Being from the area, we understand the different types of weeds and mold that can contaminate the areas of Minnesota. Our knowledgeable team likes to get a jump start on fertilizing as soon as March if the weather permits it. Putting down weed control at the right time will get you a head start going into the spring season.

Traditional Fertilizing Programs

Our Traditional 3-Step Fertilizing Program will keep your lawn beautiful and green all season long. Your first round of fertilization should be in March or early April (our Late Spring Feeding). Providing nutrients will help give a yard a jump start after it wakes up hungry from the winter. It will also help grass while strengthening its roots in preparation for the primary growing season.

Late Spring Feeding will help improve the turf’s color and density as it hits hyper-growth mode. Broadleaf weed control should also be applied during this feeding so that dandelions don’t take advantage of the nutrients.

Our Summer Fertilizer Application and adequate irrigation will help grass battle the heat, foot traffic, and insects it faces during its prime growing months.

End-of-summer treatment in August or early September will thicken the lawn and stimulate new root growth as growing conditions enter their second season.

Another key point, fall in Minnesota is the most crucial time to apply fertilizer. We use a higher nitrogen content Fertilizer that will help your turf strengthen its roots and start storing extra nutrients for the rugged winter ahead.

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At this time, we are currently serving the following areas:

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